Restaurant Table Tops – Themed, Logo, or Elegant

Purchasing restaurant table tops for your dining spaces requires a bit of forethought in design, budget, and space planning. If you already use tablecloths, you may or may not require waterproof table tops. If not, choose commercial table tops that will stand up to frequent cleanings. You will also want to consider matching your table tops with the rest of your restaurant furniture. The use of logo table tops allows you to display your style to the clientele. And if you need materials that will hold up outdoors, stone or metal would probably be very good choices.

Restaurant furniture companies usually offer a variety of table top finishes, as well as table bases, and more. Their wide selection of inventory helps customers pick the options they like best, so they can have a final product that reflects their unique style and design needs. Most likely, you’ll find a variety of beautiful tops and bases for tables, cast iron table bases, mahogany table tops, and more. Wooden restaurant tables are a popular selection, but customers will see many, many more options to choose from as well.

After you’ve decided the size, shape, and price range to allow for your commercial table tops, you can then start focusing on design. There are many different types of restaurant table tops to consider.

In choosing materials for your restaurant, table tops made from wood and wood veneers are common, but may need to be refinished. Less expensive options include melamine or laminate restaurant table tops. If you’re looking for durability and minimal maintenance, choose aluminum, metal or granite table tops. Wood veneer table tops are also very popular. You may also restaurant table tops made from solid wood, melamine laminate, or aluminum. There are also commercial table tops made from granite, and solid wood, round café table tops. And if you wish to achieve an old worldly look, have a look at the genuine stone mosaic table tops, as well as stone impression tops, and fiberstone table tops.

Informal or casual dining establishments that don’t use table cloths, may want to consider customized logo table tops that embed their logo into the tabletop. It should be fairly easy to have your local furniture shop embed your logo in plastic laminate, so that you can fit your logo into the table tops that you already own. The local furniture shop should also be able to center your logo on your wooden table tops, and cover it with a clear resin coating for durability.

Finally, your restaurant furniture gives you the chance to be creative. Get creative with themed table tops. With theme restaurants, such as sports bars, you can choose restaurant table tops that are imprinted with artwork that complements the atmosphere of the dining area. There are local furniture shops that specialize in themed restaurant table tops. And you’ll probably have many themes to choose from, including family restaurant, Italian restaurant, lounge and bar table tops, pizzeria table tops, and ice cream shop table tops, and many more.

Whether you choose the fine linen tablecloth setting, or you choose the wooden table top, there are many exciting possibilities to choose from. For related information, see restaurant table linens.


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